Al Tamr

Delight in the Dining Experience at Al Tamr, Howrah’s Culinary Gem

At Al Tamr in Howrah, every visit is an opportunity to explore exquisite flavors and engage in an unforgettable dining experience. Our restaurant is renowned for its unique blend of local and international cuisines, offering guests a chance to indulge in world-class meals within a welcoming and refined setting.

A Menu That Spans Continents

Our chefs at Al Tamr pride themselves on their ability to merge traditional culinary roots with innovative cooking techniques, creating dishes that are both familiar and surprising. Our menu includes everything from classic Indian specialties to contemporary international dishes, each prepared with premium ingredients and a commitment to quality.

Designed for Comfort and Class

The ambiance at Al Tamr is crafted to enhance your dining experience. With elegant interiors that reflect both modern and traditional design elements, our restaurant offers a perfect setting for any occasion—be it a romantic dinner, a family celebration, or a business lunch.

A Focus on Freshness and Quality

At Al Tamr, we understand that the foundation of a great meal is its ingredients. We source the freshest produce, high-quality meats, and the finest spices to ensure that every dish served is a delight to the senses. Our commitment to quality is evident in the vibrant flavors and rich aromas of our dishes.

A Welcoming Atmosphere for All Occasions

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, catching up with friends, or enjoying a quiet evening out, Al Tamr provides a warm and inviting atmosphere where every meal becomes a special occasion. Our staff are dedicated to providing attentive service and ensuring that every guest leaves satisfied.

Visit Us for a Taste of Excellence

Come experience the culinary excellence of Al Tamr in Howrah. We are open for lunch and dinner, and we invite you to join us for a meal that promises not only to satiate your hunger but also to create memorable moments.

For reservations, please call us at 91 9123608838 or visit our website at Discover why Al Tamr is the go-to destination for food lovers in Howrah.