Al Tamr

The Symphony of Flavors: Discover Al Tamr’s Arabic Fusion Cuisine in Howrah


Where the heart of Howrah pulsates with vibrant rhythms of daily life, a unique culinary narrative unfolds in Al Tamr, a multi-cuisine restaurant specializing in Arabic fusion. At Al Tamr, food is not just sustenance but a celebration, a symphony of flavors that invite the diner to embark on an extraordinary gastronomic journey.

Fusion Cuisine: A Culinary Ballet

Fusion cuisine is the art of marrying distinct culinary traditions to create an entirely new flavor profile, a gastronomic ballet that is both nuanced and bold. At Al Tamr, the dance is between the rich and robust flavors of Arabic cuisine and a multitude of global culinary influences.

Our chefs, the maestros of this fusion symphony, compose dishes that resonate with the soulful notes of traditional Arabic food while improvising with a medley of Indian, Chinese, and continental elements. This culinary dance is the secret behind Al Tamr’s diverse and exciting menu.

Signature Dishes: A Taste Adventure

Every dish at Al Tamr is a flavor adventure. Start with appetizing mezze platters featuring Arabic favorites like Hummus, Tabouleh, and Moutabal. As you progress to the main courses, you will encounter the fusion specialties. The tender Mutton Tagine marries the Moroccan slow-cooking technique with Indian spices, while the Zafrani Biryani provides a delightful twist to the Indian classic with subtle Arabic flavors.

The dessert section is no less intriguing, offering a delicate balance of Middle Eastern sweets like Baklava and Kunafa alongside global favorites such as Creme Brulee.

Inviting Ambiance: A Cultural Oasis

Al Tamr’s allure goes beyond its menu. Its warm and inviting ambiance echoes the hospitality synonymous with Arabic culture, transporting diners to a cultural oasis amidst the bustling city of Howrah. Each visit promises a unique and immersive dining experience, where the ambiance and service are as noteworthy as the food.


In the end, the Al Tamr experience is a symphony where each course plays a note, each flavor adds a rhythm, and the resulting melody is one of culinary delight. This is the essence of Al Tamr, Howrah’s culinary gem that offers not just a meal, but an unforgettable journey through the world of Arabic fusion cuisine. Visit Al Tamr and discover the exquisite culinary ballet for yourself.